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Tops Tips for Choosing the Right VA

So your books are full, you’re working well into the wee small hours and you’ve got a queue of clients waiting for you to be able to squeeze them into your busy schedule… What to do?  Well perhaps it’s time to hire your own virtual assistant! 

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What is a VA?

A virtual assistant (VA) provides administrative support and specialised services to businesses, entrepreneurs, executives, managers and other busy people. They are highly skilled independent contractors who make use of the advances in modern technology to complete assignments via the Internet, email, floppy or CD. Traditional methods such as regular mail and overnight courier are also…

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Benefits of Using A Virtual Assistant

Here’s 10 reasons you really need to hire a VA for your business: VAs offer flexibility – they are available outside of normal hours, have no minimum hour commitment and are only paid for the hours they work. VAs have a vested interest in the success of your business, so client confidentiality is paramount and…

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