Top 10 Tips for Becoming a VA

SVA put together 10 baby-steps to becoming a VA – a must-read for any aspiring assistants! Continue reading

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SVA Newsletter September 2015

Hi there,Virtual PA-233

This year seems to be flying, September already!  I’ve finally been assigned a council nursery place for my son (7 months after he was supposed to get it!! Grr!) so enjoying a little less juggling and some more cash, which is always nice.

Our survey has been a big hit – I’ve had some lovely feedback from people telling me how they are using it in their own business to get more clients, justify their rates and target new markets.  If you don’t have a copy, pick it up here.

And the lovely people at Office* have given us 10 VIP tickets to VA Day on Wednesday 14th October.  Click here to enter – more details below.


Caroline Continue reading

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Debbie for SVA blog postOne of our members Debbie Condon agreed to share her clever timesheet which tracks how long you spend on each project – download it below! Continue reading

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The pros and cons of working from home

Our guest blogger Helen of Discovering Work Life Harmony plots the ups and downs of working from home.

I’ve been working from home for eight years now. Before that I’d worked from home on the odd occasion, but the majority of my working life had been office based. I remember thinking very carefully about whether working from home was the right thing for me. I wasn’t too worried about my motivation or ability to work from home, but I was concerned about the potential social isolation. But having weighed up the pros and cons (or what I thought they were at the time), I made the decision to accept a new job that involved remote working.

I guess I had some pre-conceived ideas about what working from home would be like. I knew I wouldn’t spend all day in my pyjamas watching daytime telly with a laptop on my knee. But I probably did focus on what I perceived to be the positive aspects of working from home. I hadn’t anticipated some of the negatives of working from home.

So what have I found to be the main pros and cons of working from home? Continue reading

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Zirtual – what went wrong?

Last week virtual assistant giant Zirtual suddenly ceased trading with an email sent to all its employees and clients shutting the whole operation down. The financial markets that funded the project are somewhat baffled by why it didn’t work and are busy securing more rounds of funding to try and get this business back up and running as quickly as possible – because, on paper, it’s a great business. You have lots of clients, all willing to give you lots of outsourced work. You have a willing and highly motivated workforce based all over the world and with a diverse skillset to service those clients. There’s very little equipment cost or capital expenditure as the major cost is time and salary…. And that’s maybe the key to this downfall.

Because as a VA, I’m telling you – the numbers don’t add up. Continue reading

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Experiment for the Newbies

rsz_newbiesWe’ve just created your own space on Facebook… Do please join!

We’ll be putting some free resources up there and links to some useful posts plus you can ask questions in a closed forum, chat and inspire one another!

It’s very much an experiment based on the feedback you recently gave us about how you like to communicate – we’ll also be looking for volunteer moderators shortly!


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Are you an established VA?

10yearsLooking for VAs who have been in business a long time… We’ve got a lovely little badge to give you to celebrate!  As soon as you hit 10 years, we’ll ping you a badge for your website.
Fill in your details below…

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Society of Virtual Assistants – August 2015

Hi there,Virtual PA-233

Lots of great articles on the website this month and we’re also after your input on what you’d like in the free summary for the SVA Survey.


Caroline Continue reading

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How to sell a client

This gem comes from Phillippa Goodwin of Essential PA – one for all the MultiVA businesses or simply for someone looking to outsource work on a permanent basis.

How to “sell” a virtual assistant client

Continue reading

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Lego business…


My attempt at a desk… practical? Yes. Creative? No!

I watched my 3 year old playing Lego today and realised it’s really very similar to running a business – first you need an idea, you need the building blocks as basics, and you need to execute the plan.

My husband has huge creativity – they attempt to build airplanes and bridges and stations with escalators and subways interconnecting.  I’m more your common builder with a practical view, building stuff which is likely to withstand a toddler playing with it.

I wish I had more of the imaginative stuff in my business though… sure, I can write some great copy or execute a decent marketing campaign – but the vision to start these things is often something which falls off the bottom of my To Do list underneath the 12 million other things which demand my attention.

But my point is, you need both the practical and the imaginative to build a business.  And that my friends is the challenge…

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Small is beautiful!

your businessInspired by this article: I thought I’d share a couple of my own insights into why small is beautiful when it comes to VA businesses… Continue reading

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