Top 10 Tips for Becoming a VA

SVA put together 10 baby-steps to becoming a VA – a must-read for any aspiring assistants! Continue reading

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Society of Virtual Assistants – August 2015

Hi there,Virtual PA-233

Lots of great articles on the website this month and we’re also after your input on what you’d like in the free summary for the SVA Survey.


Caroline Continue reading

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How to sell a client

This gem comes from Phillippa Goodwin of Essential PA – one for all the MultiVA businesses or simply for someone looking to outsource work on a permanent basis.

How to “sell” a virtual assistant client

Continue reading

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Lego business…


My attempt at a desk… practical? Yes. Creative? No!

I watched my 3 year old playing Lego today and realised it’s really very similar to running a business – first you need an idea, you need the building blocks as basics, and you need to execute the plan.

My husband has huge creativity – they attempt to build airplanes and bridges and stations with escalators and subways interconnecting.  I’m more your common builder with a practical view, building stuff which is likely to withstand a toddler playing with it.

I wish I had more of the imaginative stuff in my business though… sure, I can write some great copy or execute a decent marketing campaign – but the vision to start these things is often something which falls off the bottom of my To Do list underneath the 12 million other things which demand my attention.

But my point is, you need both the practical and the imaginative to build a business.  And that my friends is the challenge…

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Small is beautiful!

your businessInspired by this article: I thought I’d share a couple of my own insights into why small is beautiful when it comes to VA businesses… Continue reading

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Understanding the VA Mindset – for clients…

DSC_0021Guest blogger Rachel Brett explains the difference between hiring a VA and hiring an employee.

There are really few things that really annoy me as a Virtual Assistant, but those that do, really annoy me.

No one likes to feel devalued. I remember feeling like that after I had been made redundant and was working as a temp. I went for a job interview for “a two week data entry assignment!” only to be told that I was too experienced and I would get bored, and the rate was for a pittance – and it was that behaviour which decided me to become a VA.

And then I finally made the leap from employee to business woman, both mentally and physically (mentally takes much longer), then I have to admit feeling very happy at running my own business (and I wish I had done it a lot sooner).

So when I see “job adverts” asking for VA’s I do wonder what the “employer” is thinking. I do think they are confused as to what they want. I received a couple of these lately and it made me really cross, as they treat the VA as an employee.

Let me give an example: Continue reading

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Flexible working for mums – here’s the deal:

CW kidsI had an amazing amount of emails about my article on flexible working and motherhood – I get a few emails or tweets for blog posts usually but this has been unprecedented. Admittedly some were denouncing me as a traitor to my own sex, I don’t really care – I was telling the truth.

But it also seems to have touched a chord with quite a few working mums, or aspiring mums-to-be… Most of whom were too nervous to post publicly but the general gist seems to be that they are fairly sick of their treatment in the traditional workplace and want to find something new. Indeed, according to one recent study 25% of employees think they are poor employees and 49% want to leave! Continue reading

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SVA Newsletter July 2015

Hi there,Virtual PA-233

It’s been a while so this is really a very brief round up of what’s been going on recently…

Back to normal next month!


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New Ofcom Changes to Non-Geographic Numbers


From 1st July 2015, Ofcom are bringing in changes to how calls made to most non-geographic numbers will be charged, as well as requiring these charges to be displayed wherever these numbers are promoted. Continue reading

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Virtual Assistants and Law Firms

We are in the midst of a technological revolution and suddenly everyone has access to the newest and latest technology. School children have smart phones with more computing power than the computers that put the first rocket on the moon. Despite this abundance of new technology there is still a lack of acceptance by some professions to adopt these new technologies and instead they are slow on the uptake despite all the benefits it offers them. Continue reading

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The IPSE Freelancer Awards

Are you one of the UK’s 4.5 million self-employed people? Would you like to win £5,000 to help your business reach its potential? How about also winning business support, technologies, media and presentation training?

The ISPE Freelancer Awards is a national competition to find the UK’s most exciting, ambitious and enterprising self-employed people.

Closing date is 1st September 2015 with the awards ceremony being held on 12th November 2015 in London.

To enter the competition visit the IPSE website it now

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