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UK VA Survey 2023


Each year the UK VA Survey provides the most comprehensive survey of the UK’s virtual assistants, providing a snapshot of the industry and an insight into how other VAs run their businesses.



UK VA Survey 2023

Get all the latest info on the UK VA industry – find out average rates, where to find clients, what marketing works…. Everything you need to build or grow your VA business.

About the Virtual Assistant Industry: Definitions, size, VA heroes
About the VAs: Demographics, hours worked, location, where they work, extra fees
About The SuperVAs: What they charge, who they target, how they market, and what you need to do to become a SuperVA
About the VA Training: Is it worth paying for training? What’s the best course?
About the VA Businesses: Business format, what documents they use, turnover, rates, outsourcing, longevity, VA secret weapons
About the VA Clients: Average number of clients per VA, where the clients are based, why they hire, what sector they work in, what services are most profitable
About the Virtual Assistant Marketing: Professional organisations/networking, what marketing works, time spent on marketing, websites and social media
Finally: We answer your questions about the report, plus some handy tips on how to use it in your business


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