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About the Society of Virtual Assistants

The Society of Virtual Assistants (SVA) was formed in 2005 to:

  • Raise the general awareness of virtual assistants to the UK business community and press
  • Provide a searchable database for clients looking for a virtual assistant with specific skills
  • Act as a resource base for member virtual assistants
  • Encourage virtual assistants to share their experiences using our discussion forum and blog
  • Promote higher standards within the virtual assistant community
  • Help to provide UK-based VAs with relevant publications (US ones are not always appropriate)
  • Support virtual assistant development
  • Where possible, provide a presence at exhibitions

It is run by volunteers, headed by Caroline Wylie, a virtual assistant since 2004 whose company works with clients and VAs all over the UK.  Its mission is to help UK Virtual Assistants and their clients.

For UK Virtual Assistants

Membership is FREE and open to virtual assistants based in the UK. We offer free advice, a forum, discounted products and services and a number of best practice guides.

Using the site couldn't be simpler, navigate using the categories on the right-hand side of the screen to find information on a wide variety of subjects which VAs have asked us for.

We're always looking for new members and people to help SVA help virtual assistants - look on our Join Us page for more information.

For Virtual Assistant Clients

For clients, we can help find you the right UK virtual assistant for your business.

Virtual assistants cover a wide spectrum of skills from copy typing and database management through to more specialised services such as web design and translation. For further explanation of what a virtual assistant is, click here. There are many benefits to be gained by using a virtual assistant, chiefly cost and continuity. Using a virtual assistant to help with time-consuming administrative tasks will free up your valuable time and allow you to become more productive.

You will find this information under "Hiring A VA (For Clients)" category on the main menu.


SVA does use cookies on this site to track visitors and improve our services.  All information is used in compliance with the UK Data Protection Act and administered by Caroline Wylie, an approved Data Controller (ICO Registration Number: Z895954X). You will always have the option of opting out of any communication from us.  No data will be shared with third parties without your express permission.  Should you have any queries relating to Data Security or Privacy issues or should you wish to remove or update the data we hold, please email

We can be contacted via mail at SVA Virtual Assistants CIC, Registered Office: 22 Montrose St, Glasgow G1 1RE


Our full policy can be accessed here:

Other Enquiries:

SVA is happy to link with people who can help UK virtual assistants - for more information please contact

As the longest running VA support network in the UK, with an active membership of nearly 3,000 UK VAs, SVA is able to guide technology developers, clients, entrepreneur support services and government bodies on all issues surrounding virtual assistants and virtual working.

Please note: Our directory of virtual assistants must not be used for any other purpose than contacting VAs with work enquiries.  Anyone doing so will be reported to the ICO and their ISP for spamming. Any marketing or advertising enquiries should be sent to