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Get started with Adwords

GoogleAdwordslogoGoogle Adwords is one of those much ignored marketing channels for virtual assistants… But it works well for some people!

Adwords: Google is currently running a promo where you spend £25 and get £75 worth of advertising plus get some help setting the account up… https://www.google.co.uk/adwords/…

It’s one of those avenues which is much ignored by VAs, Adwords are the adverts which appear at the top of your search listings with a little “AD” logo beside them, and you only pay if someone clicks on the advert.

Sure – it’s more expensive than organic search engine optimisation, and it probably doesn’t give you the instant feedback which networking face-to-face might, but for a VA starting out who needs traffic and work ASAP, it’s a good way of pulling in potential customers.   It’s also great for testing out different landing pages and how well they convert to paying clients.

The most popular phrases will attract a premium price – so to get to Number 1 position on the term “virtual assistant” you’ll pay a chunky whack of fees… Sponsor “virtual assistant Darlington” or “freelance typist East Kilbride” and you might find the fees slightly cheaper! So think small volume, highly targeted search terms.

A word to the wise: Think carefully about how your customers would search… They might not use the same terms that you would use to describe yourself… So “freelance secretary” might get better hits than “virtual assistant” because “virtual assistant” could be generating a lot of traffic from fellow VAs doing research rather than real clients!



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