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Industry Leaders Interviews: Lyndsey Gilchrist

A few months back we asked you what you’d like to see more of at SVA – one of the things you mentioned was wanting to know more about the industry and its people. 

Your wish is our command, so we had a quick chat with some of the industry’s movers and shakers!

Lyndsey Gilchrist

Your name:  Lyndsey Gilchrist

Your business: Call Team and ASAP Admin

Tell us a little bit about your business: Call Team was established in 2010 with a view to supporting businesses with their call handling requirements but also to provide an income for a team of VAs who have joined our team as Call Handlers.  We also have VA Resellers who earn from our services by referring their clients to us.

What prompted you to start your business?  I was providing a Call Handling service to my clients and this became a problem when I wanted to go off on maternity leave.  I found suitable cover via another call handling agency who unfortunately cost me a couple of clients within two weeks and Caroline kindly helped out for a few months until I was back in the fold.  I then got thinking that there must be other VAs in the same position as myself, working around a young child and not being able to provide the service.  I did a lot of research and contacted VAs who were interested in joining the team as call handlers and Call Team was born as a result.

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Whereabouts are you based – and does that make a difference to your work?  I am based in Glasgow but our call handlers are based throughout the whole of the UK as we use VOIP technology and our systems are in the cloud so it doesn’t cause us any issues.

What’s your secret superpower? (a skill, a gadget, a way of marketing…) I am super-duper organised and focus on the job at hand.  As we have a team of call handlers and resellers everyone markets for the business and it is my position to track the results etc.

Top book recommendation for other VAs?  Eat that Frog

Best thing about working in the VA industry?  Being able to choose the clients that you want to work with, the hours you want to work and the ability to be work around a family.

And the worst? Isolation and trying to work around a young family can be a problem at times too.

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