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Unusual Niches: Scott Valdez, VIDA Select

The last in our series of unusual niches – this one comes from across the pond and it struck me as being a really big growth area!  If you would like to feature your own specialist niche, please get in touch.

Your name & age?
Scott Valdez, 26 years old

Business name?
VIDA Select, LLC (www.vidaselect.com)

How long has business been running?
For one year.

Describe your unusual niche?
VIDA Select is an innovative online dating management agency that specializes in making the dating dreams of cash-rich, time-poor individuals come true. Known as the “Concierge of Online Dating,” this team of experts works behind-the-scenes to improve the dating lives of singles who have little free time to proactively meet others online. Dedicated to shining the best light on every client, ViDA handles everything from profile creation and online interaction to arranging high-quality dates. By utilizing a variety of proprietary internet dating techniques, ViDA’s tried and true approach to finding and wooing a potential date always brings the relationship offline and in person. As a leading trendsetter in the online dating industry, the agency offers a money-back guarantee, which allows clients to invest without financial hesitation. VIDA Select’ comprehensive packages meet time-crunched singles’ individual needs, allowing them to fully outsource the online dating process from start to finish.

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How did you get into this niche?
I created the company based on my own experience in online dating. I was consumed by my career as a marketing executive, and it was starting to kill my dating life… until one day it dawned on me. Online dating didn’t have to be a part-time commitment. I could develop a systematic process that any skilled writer could follow to set up dates on my behalf.

Is it a growth area?  Where do you see the industry going in the next 5-10 years?
I do think it is a growth area. This niche market is rather untouched, and as it is more accepted by the public I see the industry growing over the  next 5-10 years.

If a VA wants further info would you be happy for them to contact you direct and if so, what’s the best contact details?
You can contact Catherine Cunningham, director of HR at [email protected]

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  1. eluminouschaitu on 8 September, 2010 at 7:26 am

    A common problem with VA employers seems to be that clients want to pay very little for very high quality service from a highly competent VA, which pushes Westerners to Eastern markets, causing lack of English skills to be a main complaint. Clients who pay more for VA’s in their own countries or who at least have good English skills generally left more positive comments.

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