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How to turn website visitors into customers – part 2

Final part of conversion rate optimisation techniques to get more customers from your website visitors.

In conversion rate optimisation part 1 we saw how we needed a clear goal and outcome from each of our web pages, where the visible ‘above the fold’ part of the page is the most critical. Working backwards from the outcome, we put in place a clear call to action that delivered the outcome and tied value and benefits to it, giving the visitor a reason to take the action.

Now in  part 2 we will put in place a trigger that will start our visitor on a journey to our desired outcome.

Whats the problem? – Making the connection

The first and trigger piece in the process. Lets face it, your visitors have not come to your site to admire your immaculate web design or because they thought that your website would be more entertaining than comedy YouTube videos, they have come because they have a particular need or problem to solve. Make sure that the action you invite them to take is the first step to solve their problem, the reason they visited your site in the first place.

If they have come to your newsletter sign up page because they are taking too long doing bookkeeping then tell them clearly that you have the solution. Something along the lines of:

Want to take less time bookkeeping?

  • tip#1 when you get a receipt…conversion optimisation newsletter signup example


Sign up to our monthly newsletter to receive more time saving tips.

see sample newsletter


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Your visitors thought process here should hopefully be along the lines of:

  • My bookkeeping takes ages there must be a solution…
  • Search and land on your site
  • Read “Want to take less time bookkeeping?” – the trigger
  • Think Yes thats exactly what I want to do, I hope I can find out how here
  • Read tip
  • Think yes thats a great tip, these people know what they are talking about
  • Read “Sign up to our monthly newsletter to receive more time saving tips”
  • Think well if there are more like the first one, that’s going to be valuable to me and worth doing
  • Think it’s once a month, I can handle one extra email per month.
  • See obvious sign up button/form right next to what they have just read (sorry I saved some time by skimping on the graphics there – I’m sure you can make it look better) 😉
  • Think Ok I just need to put my name and email in here that’s quick and easy and I’m reassured that you will keep my email safe.

Bingo… you have a new lead!

For each page think what is the problem or need I am solving here, why would a visitor come to this page? What words would they use in a search that would send them here? Then show your visitor that you understand their problem and have an answer.

Carole Meyrick at OfficeStuff has made a great job of understanding why visitors are on her site and connecting with the problems that they want to solve. As Carole has done try to make the visitor say “Yes” in their head to any questions that you ask. Once you have identified with their problem or need then they are much more likely to be open to the solution you provide. Here is the ‘above the fold’ OfficeStuff home page.

conversion rate optimisation identify with the problem example

conversion rate optimisation identify with the problem example

Notice how she connects not only with the visitors problems, but also their emotion, how the visitor feels. If the visitor answers yes to any of these questions then a connection has been made.

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Putting it all together – Bingo, Bango!

So you have identified with my need, demonstrated benefits and value to me, perhaps you have shown me testimonials from satisfied clients, an important aspect. There should now be no reason why I should not follow through your call to action. Your on your way to get more customers.

Having worked backwards from our desired goal, lets put it all together, front to back, with ourselves in your visitors shoes:

  • I have a problem or need
  • I visit your site
  • I see within the first 3 seconds that you identify with and understand my need
  • I feel encouraged to stay to find out what solution you provide
  • You clearly communicate the benefits and value to me that your solution provides
  • I feel like your solution can benefit me and add value to my business
  • I can see that others like me have benefited from your solutions
  • I feel like you have the solution to my need
  • You show me clearly the action I should take next
  • I take the action
  • Bingo, Bango you are reading my enquiry or talking to me on the phone!

Give it a go and let me know how you get on in the comments, or add your own thoughts and recommendations for ways you have been able to get more customers.

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Hey did you think you were done? – Keep on optimising

You may not hit on the perfect combination straight away, so the thing to do is to keep experimenting, try different wording, change your call to action text from time to time, change button colours etc and measure the results. If you don’t measure you won’t know which combinations work. Over time you will hone your pages into lead generation machines.

With a conversion optimised site (bottom of the funnel) you can turn your attention to increasing the number of website visitors (top of the funnel). You will get a much better return on any investment in paid advertising or SEO (search engine optimisation) efforts.

Taking my own advice… if you feel your website is not giving you enough value, and would benefit from having your very own website advisor on board so that your website can attract more visitors and sales, then take a look at how I can give you a personalised service to help you improve your website conversion .

If I have been of help to you then visit my blog for more website marketing advice and consider subscribing to receive my website advice directly.

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