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FSB Report into Home Working

The Federation of Small Business recently launched a big study into home working in Scotland… obviously more relevant to those north of the border, but nevertheless an interesting read when you look at the headline figures! Home working is worth £19 BILLION to the Scottish economy. 1 in 5 people employed by the private sector…

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The home office

Back in 2011, I made a fairly radical departure from my working life… Up until that point, I’d been a fairly unusual virtual assistant because I worked from an office which was just round the corner from my little flat. When we moved to a much bigger house which needed rather a lot of work…

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Working from home: five tips for mental wellbeing

We all know the pros of working from home. It’s flexible, avoids the stress of an office environment and negates the need for the daily commute. Many people choose home working because their mental or physical health needs cannot be easily accommodated in the workplace, yet making your home your office can bring new challenges.…

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