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Mummy shortcuts

One of the questions I get asked most by aspiring VAs, is one that for years I was completely unqualified to answer: “Will I be able to juggle being a mum and working as a VA?” Back then as a singleton, I didn’t really know… As a multi-VA I often got tales of woe from…

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The home office

Back in 2011, I made a fairly radical departure from my working life… Up until that point, I’d been a fairly unusual virtual assistant because I worked from an office which was just round the corner from my little flat. When we moved to a much bigger house which needed rather a lot of work…

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The employee mentality

I used to have an employee who came in every morning and answered my cheery “How are you this morning?” with “I’m not dead…yet.” in a deadpan monotone.  When he handed in his notice and gave us his company mobile phone back we actually found a diary entry saying “March 15th: Get a life”.  Um,…

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