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The Importance of Search Engine Optimisation

Joke: Q: How Are Search Engine Optimisers like Neapolitan Ice Cream? A: We are 1/3 boring content, 1/3 sweet bait, and 1/3 dark secrets… As everyone knows, I’m a technical cretin – so I’m handing this bit  over to my technical genius Alan Fair of Contact Multimedia, who patiently explained this in words of one…

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My blog’s not working! Common blogging problems solved

    Antonia Chitty and Erica Douglas of www.aceinspire.com share their blogging experiences with SVA…  They’re also inviting all UK virtual assistants to join their free blogging e-course too! If you have started a business blog filled with great intentions, yet a few weeks or months down the line are depressed and uninspired about blogging,…

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Boost your Company Profile via Google Places

There are many ways that a small business can raise the profile of their company website.  Some will invest both time and money in a Google AdWords campaign, some will employ an external consultant, but the majority will either undertake their own SEO activities or will simply not bother.

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