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Social Media Ideas for VAs

Stuck for social media ideas? We’ve created a social media cheat sheet for VAs because we know you guys struggle with blank pages! Hundreds of posts you can download and use in your business. Filter them for your biz. Adapt them. Add pictures and videos. Schedule them! What’s on SVA’s social media cheatsheet? So what’s…

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Looking with fresh eyes at your online presence

marketing for virtual assistants

Website marketing for virtual assistants – on page effectiveness! Seth Godin’s break through book was called “The Big Red Fez” – this was perhaps the first of thousands (possibly millions by now?) of online marketing books, but the lesson it teaches is one of such simplicity that it remains a universal truth.  The premise is…

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Twitter – the insider tricks!

twitter for virtual assistants

Okay – so in this post we have a vision of Twitter as a High Street with lots of shoppers and traders buzzing… And you as a VA are one of those traders.  So how do you solve the most common problems?  Are you getting enough footfall traffic through your store? Are the people browsing…

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Get started with Adwords

Google Adwords is one of those much ignored marketing channels for virtual assistants… But it works well for some people! Adwords: Google is currently running a promo where you spend £25 and get £75 worth of advertising plus get some help setting the account up… https://www.google.co.uk/adwords/…

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Telesales Dos & Don’ts

Newsflash: Following up your marketing letters or postcards with a phone call can double their effectiveness. So you wrote a fantastic and compelling letter, researched your target market to find likely targets, mailed it out – now what?  I always compare not following up to being akin to climbing halfway up Mount Everest and turning…

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