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Week 6 – Networking, networking and more networking

Hello All As this week’s title suggests my recent marketing activities have largely focused around Networking.  Up until starting Clearwater I have always recognised the importance of networking but have never given it a clear focus over other activities.  The main reason is that I was planning the marketing and others were carrying out the…

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Week 5 – Co-Operation Not Competition

Hello All Throughout my various roles in employment I have been asked to prepare and report on competition.  In every role it was deemed important to understand what our competitors were up to with the main aim of outperforming them. Competition is a natural part of today’s society.

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Week 4 – Tweet, tweet, tweet

Hello All Since establishing Clearwater VA I have attended many networking events and technical seminars.  Some have been enlightening, some have been tedious but many of them have had a similar theme – social media.

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Week 3 – Electricity, where would we be without it!

Hello All I can’t believe that we are going into the third week of January already and that I will only have 3 more posts to write after this one.  Time certainly is moving quickly.  I do hope that you have enjoyed reading my first two weeks and that they have been beneficial both to…

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