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Virtual Assistant Scam

Every virtual assistant’s nightmare – a con artist for a client, stiffing you on payment or (worse) ripping you off by emptying your bank account! Some of these virtual assistant scams have been around for years, some are more modern – as Emma’s story below shows. Emma’s Case Study:  Don’t get hit by frauds &…

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My original virtual assistant marketing plan

marketing for virtual assistants

Virtual Assistant Marketing Plan Weirdly 3 times this week I’ve been asked about virtual assistant marketing plans for start ups…  And it seems there are a lot of VAs who are using only one or two strategies to get clients and only one or two different types of contact and wondering why there aren’t clients…

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Virtual Assistant Website Essentials

In the run up to my maternity leave, I offered training for virtual assistants on a one-on-one basis.  One of the common themes they asked about was “What does a virtual assistant website need?”   When I set up my business in 2004, websites were either “flat” (in other words a brochure type site with no…

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Essential Record Keeping

Whether you run a large company or operate as a sole trader, the law states that you must keep records of all the incomings and outgoings related to your business.  Keep all the documentation that you need for completing your tax return because if you are unable to show it to HMRC upon request, you…

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VA Stars: Rebecca of Let Me Organise You

This month we’re featuring Rebecca Harvey of Let Me Organise You in our VA Stars section.  Rebecca has followed a very traditional role of wanting to be her own boss and in control of her own destiny rather than being “just the PA”.  She’ll be posting over the next few weeks about her business and…

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