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General Data Protection Regulation – What you need to know as a virtual assistant for the new GDPR

GDPR data protection

New EU regulations come into force 25 May 2018 – General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) You must tell people who is responsible for the data you hold and process – this person must be registered with ICO Data processors now also have direct obligations to process data correctly – as a virtual assistant processing any…

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Essential Virtual Assistant Equipment

My name is Caroline and I am a gadget addict… There are boxes of unused gizmos lurking all over my office and somehow I just know that when a new one comes out I’ll still need it. One of the things I get asked a lot is: “As a newbie, what virtual assistant equipment do…

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Who being a Virtual Assistant is not for:

It’s one of the great fallacies – that everyone with a computer can be a virtual assistant.  The more seasoned VAs will be falling off their seats laughing at the concept of someone being able to print out some business cards and suddenly become a VA because they know the hard work that goes into…

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The employee mentality

I used to have an employee who came in every morning and answered my cheery “How are you this morning?” with “I’m not dead…yet.” in a deadpan monotone.  When he handed in his notice and gave us his company mobile phone back we actually found a diary entry saying “March 15th: Get a life”.  Um,…

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Start Up Story: Danielle of Priority PA

Name:  Danielle Millar Age:  48 Location:  Basingstoke, Hampshire I became interested in the virtual assistant industry after becoming very dissatisfied in my job at the time.   My husband and I were out for a Christmas lunch in December 2009 with some friends and they inspired me to look into being my own boss, offering PA…

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