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Twitter – join the conversation

Twitter for Virtual Assistants Virtual assistants have realised that if they want to target online clients, they need to speak to them via social media… and of course, that includes Twitter.  It’s been dismissed as a waste of time, wittering about cheese sandwiches and what you had for lunch.  Advocates defend it saying they get…

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LinkedIn Diary

So one of my actions from the Northern VA Collaboration was sparked by an inspiring talk from Nicola Little of Sparkle Communications who was talking about LinkedIn. Her presentation showed how by using only a freebie profile and 15 minutes a day on LinkedIn she had generated a massive amount of business in just 1…

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IYOTSA 2014: The role of technology for success – FREEBIE!

As part of the International Year of the Secretary/Assistant 2014, participating organisations are developing themes for their members in order to raise awareness of Secretaries and Assistants throughout the world… This month is: The role of technology for success I believe that not much happens of any significance when we’re in our comfort zone. –…

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What’s the return on investment for social media?

A few weeks ago I was browsing Facebook and saw a virtual assistant I know had about 6 billion updates… I was puzzled because I couldn’t comprehend how anyone spending that much time on Facebook could get any work done.  Well it turns out she wasn’t, because sadly this week she closed the doors of…

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