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Why advertising doesn’t work for small businesses

As a former Ad Girl, you would think I’d be gung ho about businesses advertising their wares, knowing exactly what media would work for a virtual assistant business.  But yet, I can honestly say I have spent less than £50 on advertising in the last year.  Marketing – don’t ask!  But advertising, practically nil. Here’s…

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Marketing Friday: More tips and tricks for Virtual Assistants

Here are five ideas which you can work on today, Marketing Friday, to get more business next week. Try contacting people advertising for part-time or temporary staff. Get in contact with your local temp agency and volunteer a special rate for their clients. Lots of temp agencies won’t send out staff for less than ½…

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Boost your Company Profile via Google Places

There are many ways that a small business can raise the profile of their company website.  Some will invest both time and money in a Google AdWords campaign, some will employ an external consultant, but the majority will either undertake their own SEO activities or will simply not bother.

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So you think you have Facebook Marketing sussed?

In the past two weeks alone Facebook has made changes to their set up that may have passed you by. Facebook Questions Facebook Questions was launched and then pulled back, it has been in Beta for sometime now but you can see a sneak preview of what’s to come here. No more http:// A minor…

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