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All in one website package

A big part of getting your VA business up and running is getting a website live – and this is generally a very steep learning curve for most VAs, as they’ve never had to build a website, deal with hosting etc. (Am I speaking in tongues? If so, check out our dummies guide to websites!)…

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Sending Big Files

If you regularly work with clients, you’ll occasionally get files which even your professional email can’t cope with.  I’m particularly thinking of the client who sent 300MB in 15 mins and blocked our email server for the best part of an afternoon –  that was fun! For many email providers, large files will simply get…

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No to email!

I was really impressed by Rob @ Beyond Norm’s innovative Zero Inbox Strategy in January.  For those of you who haven’t heard of it, Rob vowed to empty his inbox on a daily basis and achieve zero emails lurking down the bottom of his To Do List before finally falling off it altogether.

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How To: Retrieve Sent Emails

We’ve all done it – hit the “send” button and yelled “DOH!”. You might have forgotten an attachment or hit “reply all” instead of just reply. If you use Outlook you can use a workaround… delaying all outgoing mails for a couple of minutes before they actually send. That gives you a bit of breathing…

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