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Namechange for HMRC MLR

MLR Update

HMRC’s Anti Money Laundering Supervision (AMLS) team has changed its name to Economic Crime Supervision (ECS).  As part of continuing changes to the service, the anti money laundering supervision team (MLR) will now be knows as the Economic Crime Supervision team. You will begin to see this new name on correspondence from April 2021. This change does not affect its responsibilities under…

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How does the Taxman find out?

Have you ever left anything off your tax return because you think you will never get caught? The taxman has a number of resources in which to gather information. Don’t be tempted to leave something off your tax return because you think the Taxman will never find out. He has the power to gather information…

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Can I set the cost of my garden office against tax?

When you work for yourself you need to set aside some space for your business, if only to complete and store all the paperwork the Taxman requires! The spare bedroom often fits the bill, but where that is not available a purpose-built garden building can be the solution. We are talking glorified shed here, not…

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