UK VA SurveyWe’re collecting responses for the UK Virtual Assistant Survey from all UK based Virtual Assistants.

First 10% of the industry will get a full free copy. After that everyone else has to pay, so fill it in now!


Why is it important to fill in the UK Virtual Assistant Survey?

Every year this provides a snapshot of where the industry is – its trends, how much people are charging, where their clients come from… Being completely anonymous, people give the real information regarding their business, not just what they are prepared to put out in public.  You get to benchmark your business against other VA businesses without subterfuge.  You might find you are undervaluing your services.  Or maybe there’s an essential piece of business documentation which you’ve missed out on getting which is putting clients off hiring you.

We don’t publish till we have 10% of the industry surveyed – so we need EVERYONE to fill it in.  Don’t assume someone else will (they all thought that too!).

What do I get?  It is a lot of questions, is it worth my time?

Yup – sorry about that.  Grab a cup of coffee, sit down and go through it all.  But if you are one of the first 10% you do get the whole survey for free.  In previous years, we’ve only offered a summary report to participants, but the data collection was slooooooow.  Last year for the first time, we offered the survey for free to everyone filling it in quickly, and the response was great.  Those who reacted fast got rewarded.

We’re doing the same this year – first 230 people get it free.  Everyone else will need to pay.

SVA usually lose money on this particular venture due to external costs like hosting the survey, keeping it totally anonymous, using data analysts etc., but we feel it’s important to have accurate data for the whole of the industry.

Why is it not open to VAs living outside of the UK?

There’s already international surveys for VAs run by other organisations – but we wanted to see how the UK compared with them and what differences we should be taking account of.

Yes, VAs can work anywhere.  But mostly VAs work with clients who are based locally (56% of clients are local to their VA according to last year’s report).

Why can’t newbies take part?

The survey is very in depth and we ask lots of questions about your clients, what they do, how you market, your costs etc.  Newbies without clients simply would not be able to answer the questions properly and doing so could seriously skew the results.  You have to be an active VA with at least 1 VA client before you can take the survey – don’t worry, it’ll come around again next year!