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SVA was formed in 2005 by a group of 7 Scottish virtual assistants who wanted to improve the reputation of the industry - it quickly mushroomed into the largest organisation for UK based VAs with over 2,500 active members, having helped 8,000 VAs into business over the years. Our aim is to help virtual assistants set up and stay in business by encouraging and supporting one another whilst promoting best practice in the VA industry.

Being run by actual VAs rather than those who get their income from coaching or specialist services, we're able to give real advice about issues that frequently crop up - how to get more virtual assistant clients, what equipment virtual assistants use, how to deal with client issues...

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Top 10 Tips for Becoming a Virtual Assistant

SVA put together 10 baby-steps to becoming a Virtual Assistant - a must-read for any aspiring assistant!


"Caroline, who runs the fabulous Society of Virtual Assistants (SVA), is the very reason why I became a VA in the first place, after reading her article in the Office Secretary magazine"

Angela Dawson

"The SVA has been a constant source of inspiration and information.  It has been my pleasure over the years to welcome new VAs aboard, and to meet up with some of them."

Carole Meyrick

"The Society of Virtual Assistants is an excellent resource which helps new & existing VAs, the support & advice I have received since joining them back in 2006 has been invaluable."

Heather Greig


Raising awareness, promoting best practice and supporting the UK Virtual Assistant industry

Latest News from the Society of Virtual Assistants

SVA Newsletter: September 2010

By Caroline | 30 September, 2010 | 0 Comments

Hello, I can’t believe it’s the end of September already! Many VAs have been saying to me that they’ve noticed a real uplift in the economy, with new enquiries and fresh projects being briefed every day – long may it continue. Caroline Displaying the SVA Logo To help SVA remain top of the search engines,…

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Calling all freelancers!

By Caroline | 21 September, 2010 | 0 Comments

Friday 24th September is International Freelancers Day!  There’s a big celebration going on over at on Friday and Saturday and this could be THE kick you need to make a break from the cubicle farm to self-employment. Here’s what I really like about these guys: They know being a freelancer is risky – so…

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OS Magazine

By Caroline | 20 September, 2010 | 1 Comment

Just a quickie: Remember to get your copy of OS Magazine this month – not only have they done a really nice feature on virtual assistants including top tips for getting started, but it’s packed with clever tips for secretaries and assistants. If you have some virtual assistant media where you’ve been featured, tell us…

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Is being a virtual assistant a real job?

By Caroline | 13 September, 2010 | 12 Comments

Back when I started up I’d never actually met anyone who was a real virtual assistant.  I had a vague idea that they existed, mostly in the USA, but I’d never actually seen someone earning a living from it.  Emma in our office once tried to describe it and they replied “So you sit in…

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