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Is “virtual assistant” going out of fashion?

By Caroline | 8 June, 2017 |

The USA tends to be about 5 years ahead of us here in the UK when it comes to the virtual assistant world… (Check out the history of the virtual assistant! https://www.societyofvirtualassistants.co.uk/2013/07/08/the-history-of-the-virtual-assistant-2/) But one trend I’ve noticed is that increasingly VAs are distancing themselves from the term “virtual assistant”.  A variety of words are now…

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Marketing Benchmarks for virtual assistants

By Caroline | 15 April, 2017 |

Virtual Assistant Marketing Stats We all know we should track our marketing – but how do we know what’s good and if we’re doing well?  I’ll give you an example: I had a really good giggle recently at a social media training event… The “experts” were boasting that one of the blogs they managed “got…

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Looking with fresh eyes at your online presence

By Caroline | 1 March, 2017 |

Website marketing for virtual assistants – on page effectiveness! Seth Godin’s break through book was called “The Big Red Fez” – this was perhaps the first of thousands (possibly millions by now?) of online marketing books, but the lesson it teaches is one of such simplicity that it remains a universal truth.  The premise is…

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Finding blog content

By Caroline | 5 February, 2017 |

Virtual Assistant Blogging A recent survey by Hubspot showed that companies who increased blogging from 3-5 posts/month to 6-8 posts/month saw their leads almost double.  But how do you create fresh content which is of interest to your target market?

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My original virtual assistant marketing plan

By Caroline | 27 January, 2017 |

Virtual Assistant Marketing Plan Weirdly 3 times this week I’ve been asked about virtual assistant marketing plans for start ups…  And it seems there are a lot of VAs who are using only one or two strategies to get clients and only one or two different types of contact and wondering why there aren’t clients…

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Time to ditch those boring stock photos!

By Claire Holland | 30 November, 2016 |

Using photography to promote your virtual assistant business? You can’t have failed to notice the rise in visual content marketing across all social media platforms, from photos and infographics to video. The value that visual marketing can bring is vast and by not using visual content you could be giving your competitors the advantage. Still not convinced?…

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Twitter – the insider tricks!

By Caroline | 15 November, 2016 |

Okay – so in this post we have a vision of Twitter as a High Street with lots of shoppers and traders buzzing… And you as a VA are one of those traders.  So how do you solve the most common problems?  Are you getting enough footfall traffic through your store? Are the people browsing…

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PA Expo

By Caroline | 9 November, 2016 |

PA Expo – Liverpool Nov 2016 – Lazy Mare’s Guide To Marketing Your VA Business The lazy mare’s guide to marketing PA EXpo Nov 2016 from Caroline Wylie Great to see some of you today at PA Expo in Liverpool, as promised here are the resources for my session which I said I’d pop up…

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Start podcasting – Learn how to podcast as a virtual assistant

By Caroline | 1 October, 2016 |

Podcasting for virtual assistants 1. What Is a Podcast? A podcast is an audio file that’s made available on the Internet for anyone to listen to or to pay to download. Podcasts exist for everything from sermons to short stories, music to mad rantings. Anyone with a Web page can create a podcast, becoming one…

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Book Review: Profit First by Mike Michalowicz – Recommended Reading for Virtual Assistants

By Emma Bennett | 12 August, 2016 |

I set up my Virtual Assistant business back in 2012, having had many years of hands on experience with the financial aspects of various business’s I thought I was well positioned to run my business.  Which I was if you want to run your business the traditional way ie. Sales – Costs = Your Profits.…

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