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Book Review: Get Clients Now

By Caroline | 3 December, 2018 |

Get Clients NowThis book was recommended to me when I first started and forms the cornerstone of my marketing system for Virtually Sorted. So many people ask me for a copy of my marketing plan or to know how I built my marketing system – it’s no big secret, it’s right here in this book!!…

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Price increase letters

By Caroline | 23 September, 2018 |

Over the years we’ve been asked for examples of price increase letters – each VA business is different and you will know your clients best, but here’s a few ideas about how you can increase your virtual assistant rates without alienating the clients.

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Virtual Assistant Rates: Should I lower my VA charges?

By Caroline | 15 September, 2018 |

It’s the eternal battle… Income vs High Rates.  If you have carefully crafted your virtual assistant rates to reflect your experience, your costs, the quality of your work and your ability to continue in business, can you afford to work for less?  Should you work for less?  (Still struggling with calculating your rate?  Check out…

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Sales Letters for Virtual Assistants

By Caroline | 30 August, 2018 |

We get asked for sales letter advice all the time…  One of the reasons I tend not to give out advice on it is because 1) Sales letters have a very poor return (usually 1%-5%) and 2) Because each business will have a unique personality which needs to shine through in their marketing. Having said…

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5 ways to say No nicely as a virtual assistant

By Caroline | 5 April, 2018 |

Learning to say No (nicely) – as a Virtual Assistant. As a Personal Assistant, our usual status is to say YES to things: Yes, I can book a table; Yes, I can get that report updated; Yes, I will make sure your expenses are in on time But the underlying foundation of those YES answers…

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Press Release for Virtual Assistants

By Caroline | 1 March, 2018 |

During SVA’s UK VA Survey v8 you asked us to develop more shared resources that you could use to promote your business… One of the things which Virtual Assistants felt would be useful was a customisable press release that you could tweak with your own details and submit to local news outlets.  Local papers may…

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Testimonials – have you ever seen a bad one?

By Caroline | 14 January, 2018 |

This came up during the judging of the Outstanding Virtual Assistant of the Year awards, and I wanted to throw it out there and get a response from other VAs: Have you ever seen a bad testimonial? Now the reason I am asking is because testimonials can be very powerful things.  People see why they…

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GDPR – the practical guide to how to handle your data

By Admin SVA | 22 September, 2017 |

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations)… you’ll have seen this word swirling around in the internet-ether lately and might even be slightly panicked that you should know more about it. Certainly a quick flick through my spam box asks me

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Cost of a virtual assistant

By Caroline | 28 July, 2017 |

We have had a few queries on how long things should take recently – I thought it would be interesting to compare how long/how much it would cost to do certain tasks which rely on the virtual assistants input only (in other words, you aren’t waiting for content or quotes or researching something which could…

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Why cookie cutter does not work for virtual assistants…

By Caroline Wylie | 19 June, 2017 |

This week I got a Facebook message from a Virtual Assistant who wanted to know what words she should use to optimise the traffic to her website. 

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