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Specialist Niches

Virtual Assistants and Law Firms

We are in the midst of a technological revolution and suddenly everyone has access to the newest and latest technology. School children have smart phones with more computing power than the computers that put the first rocket on the moon. Despite this abundance of new technology there is still a lack of acceptance by some…

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Typing Tips: Specialising in a niche

If you aspire to be an excellent virtual assistant offering typing services, we’re running a series of tips on how to impress your clients.  This is the last in the series, but if you’d like to read more just click TYPING on the right hand category menu! Specialising in a niche Being in a niche…

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Unusual Niches: Patty of Time Is Of The Es-Cents

As part of our series of specialist VAs and their unusual niches, I interviewed Patty Dost whose niche is particularly relevant to any VA who doesn’t like “selling” to clients who don’t understand what a virtual assistant does.  What struck me about Patty’s niche is that I know lots of VAs who would find this…

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Specialist Niche: Travel PA

John Guinn of The Holiday Hut has a specialist niche as a Travel PA for his clients – if it’s something you’ve thought of or been asked about by your clients, here’s John’s Top Tips: Your client wants to go away and has asked you to deal with it. Now you have one big advantage…

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Planning a conference?

Our good friends over at Trinity Conferences have joined with SVA to help virtual assistants organising conferences or events.  They have set up a specialist team to deal with VA enquiries, just email: There are plenty of things to consider when organising a meeting or conference. The following will give you an idea of…

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