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SVA Newsletter: January 2013

Hello My goodness, where has 2012 gone?  Admittedly I spent a fair chunk of it on maternity leave, but it still seems to have flown past!  It is however the time of year to get yourself organised for 2013 – haul out your SVA Inspiration Sheet and get planning! Congrats to Sue Grant and Yvette…

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SVA Premier: January 2013 LinkedIn Cheatsheet

LinkedIn is a great way of connecting with people who already know your work – it’s ideal for newbie VAs who maybe don’t have a large network of clients or leads yet. Or perhaps your LinkedIn page is looking a little tired and unloved?  They’ve recently revamped it to include much more functionality and pizzazz…

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SVA Premier: Working remotely with clients

Interestingly one of the questions I got asked most whilst doing my pre-maternity training sessions was how to work with clients remotely – what software could you use, how would they work with someone who didn’t have an online diary, what did they need to ask the client before starting work so they didn’t need…

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