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Note on the Approved Virtual Assistant listings

I’ve had a fair few emails recently from newbies asking why they can’t sign up and get straight on the SVA directory… Well here’s why: When we started SVA, we did it with the collaboration of a number of VAs, and our strength has always come from sharing our experiences, joining together and working with…

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Closed for the holidays

VERY IMPORTANT POST: SVA is closed for a well deserved break over Christmas and will reopen on Friday 8th January.  New members will NOT be processed in this time, so bear with us until 2016!!!  Have a wonderful holiday!

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SVA Guide: 101 Ways To Market Your VA Business

SVA was started by a core group of perhaps 7 virtual assistants – we all wanted to raise the profile of VAs in the UK, educate people about what we do and, of course, to get more clients! Over those first few years, we discussed all the things which had worked for us, and all…

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