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Joanne Munro

About the course:

Create a working life you love that fits around your family and works for YOU for a change by setting up and running your own Virtual Assistant business.

In my popular DIY VA course, I not only show you how to set up and run your own VA business but I hold your hand throughout the entire process and do everything in my power to help you succeed.

With lifetime access, the course also comes with a private trainee-only group where I focus heavily on mindset to ensure you become a confident and decisive business owner.



Joanne Munro - VA Handbook

Joanne Munro


SVA Comment:

Joanne Munro started as a VA in 2008 and set up The VA Handbook to support other VAs with a variety of free and paid resources. Her DIY VA course guides you through the myriad of resources out there and comes with lifetime access as well as a trainee-only Facebook group where you can receive one-to-one support.

Based in Brighton, Jo embraces the freedom of working virtually, regularly working from remote locations and living a Digital Nomad lifestyle. She has over a decade of experience as a VA, specialising in offering technical solutions to online working.