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Borderlands VA Network

About the course:

Borderlands VA Network offer courses, mentoring, resources and support to virtual assistants starting and growing their businesses. All of our resources, courses and workshops are written and produced by highly experienced, industry award-winning and professionally endorsed business owners who have run successful business for no less than 6 years each and they are still actively working in those businesses. So you can be sure that any course you take with us is of a high quality and that you are being taught the skills used and tested by successful, experienced business owners.


Borderlands VA Network

Borderlands VA Network


SVA Comment:

Gwen Backhouse and Amanda Ryan, who run Borderlands VA Network, are long time SVA supporters, racking up well over a decade of virtual assistant experience between them. Realising their own businesses were very different from other VAs, they looked to support how VAs based away from the bright lights of the metropolis.

It is a very different set up experience when you are in a rural location, where local businesses do earn less money, and you probably don't have a little black book bursting with Big City contacts.  Both Gwen and Amanda have proved you can have an award winning, sustainable business which also helps local people. We love the practical, down to earth advice they give VAs!