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Top 5 things VA Clients need to know!

Insider tricks for getting the best out of your virtual assistant

5 things VA clients need to know

5 things VA clients need to know: We've seen those insider tips from Cabin Crew and Dentists... Little tips and tricks to make sure you get the very best service.  Virtual Assistants are no different, there are a few small things you can do to make our lives immeasurably easier.  So here are the insider tips from virtual assistants about being a great client and getting great service!

5 things VA clients need to know

Number 1: Don't ask us to use a dodgy list...      

From May 2018 as
data processors, we'll also be liable for you dredging the internet for random
emails - so to comply with the new GDPR laws, we'll be asking you where you got
your list from and how they signed up.  As
much as your friend may be very interested in your new project, unless he
personally opts in, he's not going on the list!

More information from ICO here.

Number 2: Pay your bill on time

We're professionals,
we have our own bills to pay.  Making us
wait for payment will mean we spend more time chasing your payment and trying
to find new clients rather than concentrating on your business.

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You wouldn't do it
to an employee, so don't do it to us.

Number 3: Brief us fully

Often if the VA has
an overview of what you are trying to achieve, they will be able to suggest
shortcuts or better ways of doing the task.

Chasing logins/passwords or copy is also time-consuming - make sure you send all materials which the VA will require when you brief the job.

Number 4: Don't micromanage      

We are not employees, we have other clients to service too - the more time you spend checking upon us, the higher your bill will be!  You might ask us to check in when we've spent 5 hours on your work, or to let you know the status of certain projects daily/weekly - that's fine.  Hassling us for updates before the deadline really just interrupts our workload.

If your nerves can't
let go of your business straight away, send us small tasks first so you gain
confidence that we do what we said we would, on time, perfect and in full.

Number 5: Say thank you for a job well done

Saying thank you is
such a small thing, but it makes your VA's day when you send a quick thank you
message.  It's great to know that what we
do makes a difference.

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You might even want to write a testimonial or recommend them on LinkedIn, Google Reviews or Facebook Page Reviews!

Editor's Note: Should you wish to use this in your own newsletter/website, we are very happy for you to do so provided it is credited to SVA.  Please add the following: "This article originally appeared on https://www.societyofvirtualassistants.co.uk/"

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  1. Hinal Shah on 10 February, 2020 at 7:31 am

    Thank you for sharing this article this is such great information providing by you which every client needs to know before hiring a virtual assistant.

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