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Website Cookies: Me want cookies!

Website Cookies: So we've just about got everyone up to date with ICO's GDPR guidance... and along comes an update on their cookie guidance.  (I'll admit - I grimaced!).


Not least because we had to make some changes to our own cookie notices!

Effectively the new cookie rules are:

  • People visiting your website have to get notification before they enter that they are being tracked (i.e. a pop up)
  • They must have the option to refuse the cookies and continue using the site (no more "accept cookies" notice)
  • They have to specifically opt in to be tracked - so you can't just have a slider selecting YES automatically or a preticked box...they need to actively opt in
  • You have to tell people which cookies are being used and what their purpose is
website cookies
  • What does the new cookie notice mean for my business?

Effectively, it's going to mean a massive drop in data you gather from website visitors.  It may also mean that if you (or - more likely - your clients) rely on visitor numbers or advertising revenue, you may see a significant reduction in income.

What do I need to do to comply?

  1. First, find out what cookies you are using: https://www.cookiebot.com/en/gdpr-cookies/ - this should tell you what cookies are on your website. Most VA websites will have WordPress cookies and Google Analytics installed as a minimum - but you may have others lurking.
  2. Check your current cookie popup/notification for updates which would make it compliant. A lot of them are working right now on solutions so it may be as simple as updating your plugin.
  3. Check your current cookie policy - if you bought a policy from a pack/legal adviser, check with them for updates.
  4. Clear all cookies and test if the pop ups work properly for both NO and YES visitors.
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