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All in one website package

VA Websites

A big part of getting your VA business up and running is getting a website live - and this is generally a very steep learning curve for most VAs, as they've never had to build a website, deal with hosting etc. (Am I speaking in tongues? If so, check out our dummies guide to websites!)

Darren @ va-websites.co.uk is offering an all-in-one solution for VAs. It costs £99/year and includes the build, the hosting, the email, the legal website stuff, SSL certificate etc. And he's giving SVA £10 from every sale made, so do mention our name if you decide to buy.

Yes, it's more expensive than if you sourced it all separately - but the aim behind the package is that you are up and running fast. In fact, if you supply the text, you can have it built and live within a week. Having seen VAs flail around with websites for months on end, that's a big positive.

Included is:

  • 6 page professionally designed website
  • FREE domain
  • Hosting
  • Email Address
  • Business Card Design
  • SSL Certificate
  • and more.

For more details visit:


MAKE SURE: You mention the Society of Virtual Assistants.

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