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Do I need an office address as a virtual assistant?

We had a few people recently asking why they need their full mailing address as part of the SVA Approved process… There’s quite a few legal obligations which mean you MUST have a contact mailing address on your website:

Why virtual assistants NEED a proper mailing address

Do I need an office?

Office address alternatives

So yup – you need an address which you can use – and yeah, putting your home address all over your website probably isn’t smart (I don’t have mine on there!!). But there are a few ways you can get round this:

  1. Use an alternative mailing address –, your acountant, local co-working space, a client’s offices etc. (NB: If you are a limited co, you should already have a registered office which displays your company name externally too which you can use)
  2. Disguise your address – Flat 2, 123 Star St becomes Suite 2, The Rock Building, 123 Star St… Admittedly with Google Streetview, this isn’t ideal, but it’ll put off the passively curious.
  3. Only put the address on your privacy policy (main contact pages have just phone/email) – you will still have to include full address on your mailings and the privacy policy but people looking generally won’t find it.
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