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The UK Virtual Assistant Survey

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Ever wanted to know what goes on behind the doors of the UK’s virtual assistant businesses? Well now you can find out, without going undercover or utilising subterfuge… Each year Society of Virtual Assistants collates a series of questions that build into a snapshot of the VA industry. The report itself is full of info about the kinds of clients who use VAs, what services are proving to make the most money, what marketing works best – essentially everything you’d need to build a successful VA business.

But this valuable piece of research relies on the UK’s virtual assistants. In order to create the most vivid picture of the UK industry, they need as many VAs as possible to fill in the survey. It’s totally anonymous, although we do collect your email address in order to send you your free summary report of the results. Your business cannot be identified in the results, you’ll simply be part of the bell curve. The only criteria is that you must be UK based, and have at least one active virtual assistant client.

The joy of this report is that being anonymous VAs are able to be honest about what works for their business. They aren’t bigging themselves up pitching for new business or bragging amongst their peers. This is the coalface of the virtual assistant business – a peek inside the reality of working as a VA.

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Reasons to fill in the UK VA Survey:

  • Completely confidential
  • We need 10% of the industry surveyed to make it statistically valid – this year that’s 3,300 VAs in the UK, we need 330 of them to fill in the survey
  • Use it to market your business
  • Use it to promote the VA industry
  • This information does not exist in any other format for VAs

Caroline Wylie, founder of Society of Virtual Assistants says:

“It seems fair to give the VAs who provide the data quickly a full copy of the survey for free. Because of that, the project ends up costing us money to compile, but we feel it’s a fundamental independent information source for VAs. Last year we collected enough respondents in just 5 weeks, but I’m hoping to beat that this year! My advice is, if you want a free copy, fill it in as soon as the survey hits your inbox. It’ll take 15 minutes, and we’ve tried to streamline the questions this year for you.”

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