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Specialist Niches: Stefanie Vanjo-Carnell of Bravo Services – Tradesmen HR Specialist

As part of our Specialist Niches section, we’ve spoken to VAs who have unusual or specialist niches.


Your Name? Stefanie Vanjo-Carnell - Bravo Services

Stefanie Vanjo-Carnell


Name of your business?

Bravo Services

Describe your unusual niche?

Bravo Services is Office Administration and Business Process Management/Improvement consultancy for sole-traders and small businesses such as tradesman and recruiters.

How did you get into your niche?

I have worked in office admin and business process improvement for my entire career, mostly within large corporations such as insurers, housing associations, and engineering firms. When I decided to become a VA I wanted to do something that made a difference to my clients. I decided to offer standard VA services to small businesses, but with my Business Process Improvement background, I would take it one step further. By understanding the challenges small business face, I can help them streamline their processes which in turn saves them, time, money and resources while improving overall customer satisfaction.

Is this a growth area? Why?

Business Technology is developing at such a rapid pace nowadays which is allowing sole-traders and small businesses to start-up and grow at rates not seen in the past. One example of a Business Technology that has rapidly developed is Client Relationship Management (CRM) systems. CRM’s used to be expensive and only used by larger companies who could afford the licensing fees. Cloud services and the internet has helped reduce costs for these systems, allowing small businesses to take advantage of them. CRM’s for individual industries have been developed such as Jobber, aimed at the service/tradesman industries, or Zoho Recruit for Recruiters.

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How do you see the industry developing in the next 5-10 years?

I believe the VA industry will continue to grow, especially as more and more businesses look at reducing overhead costs and more effective ways of running their businesses.

What first attracted you to being a VA?

I was enjoying my career in the corporate world, but I also have a family which I didn’t see much of because of the long hours at the office. When health issues eventually forced my hand to slow down, I found out about Virtual Assistants and which then sparked ideas about how I could set up Bravo Services.

Are there any challenges you face in being a VA?

You need to be happy with your own company as it can get lonely and be disciplined because working from home, it’s easy to “loose” track of time.

What’s the best part of being a VA?

I love being a VA because I can work around my family commitments as and when it suits me. I usually start when I wake up, walk my three dogs and finish in time for the afternoon school run.

Website: bravoservices.co.uk

Stefanie Vanjo-Carnell - Bravo Services - logo








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