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Blog generationA recent survey by Hubspot showed that companies who increased blogging from 3-5 posts/month to 6-8 posts/month saw their leads almost double.  But how do you create fresh content which is of interest to your target market?

I’m no creative guru – I do find it really hard to sit down and write blog posts and my own website is woefully neglected.  But at the inaugural UK Blog Awards in 2014 I was shortlisted as a Top 10 UK Digital Tech blogger!

If you’ve been waiting for creative inspiration to strike, and your blog remains bereft of any content, clearly this policy is not working – so let’s change tack:

  1. Start with the basics: a pen and paper, a coffee and the phone switched off.
  2. 10 mins: Think about your target reader.  What are they interested in?  What problems do they have?  What do your customers ask you about regularly that you’re able to help them with?
  3. 5 mins: What keywords are important to drive traffic to your site? Remember to include these into your blog posts as much as possible.
  4. 15 mins: Use our mini blog generation tool – you can customise this to suit your own blog writing style, but it should give you a few ideas!
  5. Blitz 10 ideas on a sheet of paper – don’t worry about writing the full article, just get the ideas down!
  6. Flesh out the ideas into actual blog posts…  You can cheat a little here by splitting the longer ones into 2/3 articles.
  7. Post them on your blog – remember all important keywords, pictures and social media linking!
See also  Recommended Reading: Purple Cow by Seth Godin

Please feel free to use the comments below for advising of guest blogging spots on your own blogs – great for swapping traffic and different expertise!

Inspiration for bloggers and virtual assistantsStill stuck?  Well I sat down and did the hard stuff for you – pulling up lots of info for inspiration and ideas about what you can blog about each month. BUY NOW

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  1. Caroline on 21 May, 2013 at 11:33 am

    So how did I do? Well, I have got a document open on my desktop with lots of small ideas, plus I’ve put in place a 4/5 blog posts around various dates in the calendar. Total time taken: about 30 mins! (No excuses really is there?)

    Today as it’s a nice day, I’m taking myself off to the park to scribble more ideas down and write some of those blogposts on my laptop. I shall update on my results when I get back!

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