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The first UK Virtual Assistant?

My claim that SVA set up the very first Virtual Assistant standards in 2005 in my recent email was challenged – I stand corrected! I did try to detail a few historical facts about VAs in this post, which probably requires a few updates! (Feel free to email me with amendments…)

However it’s spawned another little challenge…

Susan of VirtualPA Limited set up in 1982 and at that point she introduced her own VA Standards.  I had a fascinating email conversation with her regarding how she managed to be virtual in an analogue world – very informative!  She’s wondering if anyone else has been going this long marketing themselves as a Virtual Assistant?

So I’m on the hunt for the UK’s first Virtual Assistant!  To qualify you must:

  • Have worked from your own base rather than client’s premises
  • Have worked for multiple clients as opposed to just one company as a teleworker
  • Been a freelancer rather than an employee

And if you haven’t racked up QUITE as long as Susan, we’ll still send you a nice “10 years as a virtual assistant” logo if you have done more than 10 years!

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