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Why does my website not show up when I google “Virtual Assistant”?

not workingSo you’ve found your name, you have built your website, and eagerly await some emails…  and wait… and then you google “Virtual Assistant” and all your hard work and careful design does not seem to be registering with the giant cash cow of Google.  ARGGH!!!

The competition

Bear in mind that the term “virtual assistant” is used worldwide to promote VAs – and big companies throw money at making sure their business is right up there on Page 1.  So firstly it’s a question of sheer volume…

Secondly, it’s impossible to know what sort of techniques they are using to get on there… They might be paying for advertising in Google’s top banner, they might be using Black Hat techniques (Editor’s note: that’s bad, by the way!!) or they might simply be linking from a huge authority site like BBC, The Guardian, or…ahem… SVA!

But it is not necessarily a bad thing to not be at the top of the listings – most clients when faced with numerous offshore companies when they google “Virtual Assistant” will then type in “Virtual Assistant + THEIR LOCATION”.  And this is where you shine…  Still not getting results though?  Read on…

How you have hosted?

Are you hosting your website on its own domain? Really common mistake, but one that will cost you the most in terms of your search engine ranking. All those juicy keywords, regular content and interested followers are NOT actually visiting your site when they click on your blog linkThey are visiting WordPress/Blogger/Tumblr/Moonfruit. Your website domain isn’t getting any traffic or keywords or content whatsoever, so from an SEO perspective, your work is entirely pointless.

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As tempting as it is to go for the quick and easy option to set a blog up via one of these providers, take a little bit of extra time to host it via your own website. We use 1and1 for our hosting, but most webhosts will have a blog hosting option and a guide to setting up and installing WordPress on your own domain. If you truly have to set it up on a freebie website, choose one that you can download the content from and import into a WordPress blog at a later date.


Google’s spider robots who look for new stuff on the web take about 3 months to register changes – so it can take that long to get them to crawl your site and list stuff.  You can fast forward the process a little by manually listing it.

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  1. Danny on 20 June, 2016 at 11:40 am

    New sites used to get put into a sandbox for a while until they stabilise. Guess it still applies today but your appearance obviously depends on how competitive your keywords are as you rightly point out.

    Best to try and get some long tail keywords into your content and maybe your town/city.

    It is difficult but long content does normally rank better than short content and gets shared more plus obviously you may appear for some related terms you never even thought of!

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