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Note on the Approved Virtual Assistant listings

I’ve had a fair few emails recently from newbies asking why they can’t sign up and get straight on the SVA directory… Well here’s why:

When we started SVA, we did it with the collaboration of a number of VAs, and our strength has always come from sharing our experiences, joining together and working with (not against) one another.

Joining just to get listed on the FIND A VA page goes against the ethos of SVA and we had a lot of people doing just that then not contributing anything to the industry at all – that’s not what we wanted, so our delay in allowing people to apply is so they get to know a little bit about how SVA works so they understand that unique spirit of collaboration.

So as a newbie here’s our best advice:

  1. Join in and get to know some of the VAs – post on the forum, join the Facebook groups, etc.
  2. You will get an invite to join, keep an eye on your email!
  3. Meantime you are very welcome to use the community logos and link with us.
  4. Make sure you comply with all our rules for approved members – you will be asked to certify this before being activated on the site.
  5. Be patient – the list is managed by volunteers who usually update once per week, so making sure you fill in all data straight away will minimise delays.
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