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Marketing Friday for Virtual Assistants:


I hope you are enjoying and benefiting from our series of tips to help you market your virtual assistant business. Here are this week’s tips:

1. When emailing clients make the email interactive with lots of links, clicks and further information for them to use. Plus if you host the articles they click through to on your site, it’ll help your hit rates and again Google loves that! Email signatures are particularly useful for this.

2. Create a call to action on all your marketing materials. Think about what you want the person to do when they get your email or pick up your flyer – then tell them to do it! So often you see flyers with lots of info but no real purpose, make sure yours get results.

3. When writing copy for your flyers sell the benefits your service will give the customer rather than listing the features. So instead of saying “Virtual Assistant Bookkeeping service with 5 hours included” you might write “Sick of bookkeeping? Hand it over to a Virtual Assistant and save time now!”

4. Personalise your material for the target market you are aiming it at. Include first names, specific examples and consider further personalisation with handwritten notes or signatures.

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5. Consider buying space in e-newsletters. Great exposure to a targeted geographical business market. Or create a small business newsletter to showcase your talents!

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  1. Danny on 7 May, 2016 at 4:34 pm

    CTA’s are really important. Even though it’s obvious what the user should do, spelling it out really improves things!

    Oh and while I’m here! Still see a lot of contact forms with the word SUBMIT on the button. Use phrases like “Get more Information” for more submissions.

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