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Marketing Friday for Virtual Assistants:


Hello, welcome back to our regular Friday series to help you market your Virtual Assistant business. Here are this week’s tips:

1. Contact your local newspaper (www.mediauk.com) and ask about inserting leaflets in the paper.

2. Or contact your local newsagent who may be willing to do newspaper inserts on a smaller scale across all newspapers being delivered.

3. Enter a competition – there are lots of new business, entrepreneurial prizes or local business prizes. Not only are the prizes great, but you get to network with other business, and create excellent PR.

4. Have professional photography done. Good for creating a personal “real” feel to your website and also for supplying along with press releases as a visual aid. Plus you can use these as an avatar on all your networking forums. Remember to get hi-res and lo-res versions.

5. Start a networking group. A bit extreme, but if you’re finding it hard to find a suitable business networking venue then there are probably a few other people in the same situation.

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