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What I love about being a VA: Jo Brianti of JLB Support Solutions


JLB Jo BriantiContinuing with our series “What I love about being a virtual assistant?” Jo Brianti of JLB Support Solutions tells us about her experience.

Your name & Business name: I am Jo Brianti and I started my VA business JLB Support Solutions this year – an initial dabble in March/April followed by taking the summer off (preplanned holiday) and starting again in September.

Where you are based? I am based in Ealing, West London.

When did you first hear about VAs and what made you want to become one?  I started thinking about being a VA in 2008 when my children were born but
had such a great employment work offer I didn’t take the plunge.  I finally
jumped off the corporate whirl this year after a disastrous childcare

What is your favourite thing about being a virtual assistant?  I love being able to spend time with my children – doing the school run, homework, reading, cuddles and other activities while (hopefully eventually) earning to support our household.

What does your favourite coffee mug say? My favourite coffee mug is pale green with dots and flowers – it’s thick and chunky so keeps the coffee warm until it is finished.  My tea mug on the other hand is fine bone china (essential for tea), white with a picture of
my boys printed on it

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Jo Brianti
JLB Support Solutions


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