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Why I love being a VA: Sarah Jones of Smart Desk Business Services

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Earlier this year we asked “what do you love about being a virtual assistant?”  Today, Sarah Jones of Smart Desk Services shares her favourite things.

Your name & Business name: Sarah Jones, Smart Desk Business Services

Where you are based: The Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales

Most exotic client/strangest job you’ve been asked to do?: Proofreading for the Russian TV industry.

Your best gadget? Why do you love it?: I do a lot of audio transcribing and my Sennheiser closed cup headphones provide excellent sound quality as well as being very comfortable. When I’m not working I love to use them to listen to podcasts like The Allusionist.

What does your favourite coffee mug say? “I am not a paper cup”

Sarah Jones

Want to share your favourite things about being a Virtual Assistant, or tell us about a typical day in your life? Email us at info@societyofvirtualassistants.co.uk with your post and don’t forget to include a picture!

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