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Marketing Over Holiday Periods

Rachel originally wrote this post on 2nd January – however as she discusses in her post Christmas can be such a topsy-turvy time, and unfortunately this post is now a little out of date. However, we will soon be reaching the long Easter Weekend and then the summer holidays – the same dilemmas will apply.

Bonjour! Rachel

How much more hectic can Christmas holidays get?

We all know by now that it is anything but a relaxing holiday and I am not just talking presents and turkey here.

I am talking about business and being a VA.

Is this your busiest time? quietest?

For me right now and because I am new it is a case of “shall I email this company?”, “shall I send them this brochure?”

December is a tricky time for marketing, isn’t it?!

Everything has to be done BEFORE Christmas or we are condemned to wait until the New Year so basically it is all rushed before the 24th or nothing is happening for 2 weeks.

I have been emailing some companies but now I realise that it may not be the best time to make my follow up calls…or is it?

People may be winding down and this may just be the perfect time. Or not. It is driving me mad.

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So as a compromise I have emailed some people a brief presentation of my services along with a special offer in the spirit of the holiday and New Year with the aim of calling in them in January.

I decided to follow the lead of local networking events, there aren’t any for the next few weeks and the ones usually taking place at the beginning of each month, will now resume in February which would indicate to me that most people welcome a bit of a breather around the holidays.

I have also decided to put finding my target client on hold for now as a newbie I am having to decide on the following:

Do I stick to my guns and focus on my ultimate goal, which is my case is to find work within my niche of bilingual services, not just admin but others such as accompanying business people to shows or workshops or do I compromise and look for local people or businesses that will bring in some paid work, local contacts and hopefully more work thanks to word of mouth?

It’s a tough call. Are you having to compromise on your original idea or goal? Is it a case of being practical over being ambitious? Can you afford to stick to your original idea? Please let me know…

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