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One Of Those Weeks.


Another day, another blog!

What a difference a day makes, eh? A few days ago I was living my life as a VA safe in the knowledge of having 3 clients…and now? I’m not so sure! So what happened?

Well, first, my French client emailed me to ask to put everything on halt, well stop, basically. Why? Financial reasons apparently, which I will not go into here. He is kindly keeping me in the loop about his latest developments and assures me this should only be a temporary glitch in our agreement!

Fair enough, I think, at least I have still 2 clients…or have I?

Shortly after, client number 2 suggests that we work together every other week because I caught up with her back log and now it is a case of a monthly update with the odd extra work…”Am I ok with that?” “Yes, sure, no problem!”.

Oh well…at least I have my husband, he won’t let me down, now will he? Well, no, not per se but it seems that he is reviewing some of his priorities (in view of a new major contract) and some of the work I did needs to be put on hold, at least till the new year…now, where did I hear this before??

As the new VA on the block I get a surge of “self-doubt” combined with an unhealthy dose of “Is it me?” not to mention a shattering drop in self-confidence, or rather what’s left of it.

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So, naturally I begun to question my own ability, maybe I did something wrong? Maybe I said the wrong things? Maybe I’m too slow? Maybe, maybe, maybe…

So, my new predicament leaves me with 3 choices:

  1. Giving up (self-doubt and all that)
  2. Waiting for them
  3. Finding a way out

Giving up, not an option, too many reasons why. Just not an option!

Waiting for them, not a viable or desirable option.

So, what is MY way out of this?

I know, some of you might say “novice’s mistake!” ok, fair enough, my first lesson! So, here I am frantically searching for the next local networking events, flicking through the business directory, clicking on YELL.com, updating my LinkedIn profile, and signing on for the next “digital marketing masterclass” where I discover that I am being “reactive” rather than “pro-active”, so is that a bad thing, really? I mean, at least I’m active.

You see, the plan (yes, I did have one) was to “wait” till the end of January to start looking for new potential clients in a more pro-active way (using the appropriate, if a tad over-used, term), I thought that by then, I would have gained more confidence in my new role as a VA and also I would have earned a little bit of money, so of course I had a plan and I knew how I wanted to execute it. How naïve of me, I am now reduced to switching from pro-active to re-active! Great, client hunting before Christmas.

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Actually this is not the worst for me, as I said I was going to get there anyway, the worst for me, you see, is what this is doing to me on a more personal level; Starting a new venture, however small it may seem to the outside, is HUGE for some people, me including.

Going out there, talking to virtual strangers, making new connections, oozing self-confidence when you‘re not always too sure of what to say or how to say it; Knowing you can do the job until you meet “the other VA” who has it all worked out; emailing people hoping ONE will realise you do have potential; all this whilst trying not to take it personally…Well, I do take it personally!! It is personal…to ME!

I want it to work, not to show off, not for the kids to be proud of mum and not for the money BUT because, I want it! I need it! And more to the point I can do it and I want to prove it by making a difference, one business at a time!!

So, maybe there is a silver lining after all: I am more determined than ever to carry on and find the next client and the next one and so on.

2016…Here I come!!!!

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Are you a new VA? Have you had a couple of setbacks? Are you more determined than ever?

Share your experience with us by leaving a comment.

A bientot


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  1. Heather Greig on 18 January, 2016 at 10:00 am

    Rachel it doesn’t matter how long you have been in business for, you will still have self-doubt at some point!

    Over the last 9 years I have had clients come and go, and come back again. Some of them have had very clear reasons for stopping using the service, i.e. project has finished, they have increased their business to such an extent that they have decided to hire staff, they went back to being an employee rather than self-employed – but then there are those ones that just don’t come back and like you I start to analyse (probably over-analyse) the situation. What did I say wrong? Did I not deliver what they wanted? Did I misunderstand what support they needed?

    You have to accept that clients will come and go but eventually you should see a core group of clients who just couldn’t do without you!

    Hang to your self-belief and all the best for 2016!

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