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Society of Virtual Assistants: February 2015 Newsletter

Hi there,Virtual PA-233

Just to give you a little heads up – I’m officially on maternity leave but will be working 1 day/month with my Keeping In Touch days, so all SVA stuff will be squeezed in alongside running my normal business – as a result, you may experience a slight delay in response from me personally, although the volunteers will be dealing with most of the day to day running of the site and any queries.

We’re still 50 entries short on the SVA Survey – we have over 1,400 members and just 70 have filled it out… If you haven’t managed to get it done yet, please can you take 15 minutes to help the industry and give us a snapshot of where you are? It’s disappointing to get such a low turnout when we do put a lot of work into it each year. Unless we get a statistically valid result of 10% of the industry, we can’t publish the results.



Book Competition: Work From Home – Judy Heminsley

Congrats to the winner of our LEAN IN book, Jenny Doherty.

This month we are giving away Judy Heminsley’s “Work From Home” – which is an interesting take on what you should consider, because she covers the practicalities as well as the emotional side of working from home – something which is key to your success, but which a lot of start up books can gloss over!

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Enter here

SEO Magic

A VA asked me recently how she could get more hits to her website, it had been up for several months and was averaging just a few hits a day… Now firstly whilst this seems a bit rubbish, it’s actually not unusual for a VA website… So we thought we would do a bit of a recap on what is normal and how you can boost those numbers.

Home working revolution…

FSB Scotland have just published a really interesting survey on Home Working – you might find some of the results surprising, as it busts yet more of those Mummy Myths about working from home… And the keener eyed of you spotted me talking about it in the Glasgow Herald recently too!

More on the survey here

From the archives:

A potted history of the UK VA Industry The history of the Virtual Assistant

Which Virtual Assistant course is best? Caroline spills the beans… http://tinyurl.com/ndjxzlk

Is home working dead? http://tinyurl.com/mocxscg

Typing tips – billing per audio minute typing-tips-billing-per-audio-minute

Are you a newbie to blogging? If YES, you NEED BLOGSPIRATION! http://tinyurl.com/blogspiration


If you have an event you would like listed, please let me know on [email protected]! It’s free and we’re happy to list anything which will help VAs in their businesses. Click here to find details of all events.

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