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IYOTSA 2014: The value of relationships in the workplace

As part of the International Year of the Secretary/Assistant 2014, participating organisations are developing themes for their members in order to raise awareness of Secretaries and Assistants throughout the world… This month is:

The value of relationships in the workplace

Success can be measured not only in achievements, but in lessons learned, lives touched and moments shared along the way. – Nishan Panwar

My poor long suffering husband quite often gets pounced on as he walks through the door in the evening “Guess what?  I’ve got a new client and they want me to do yadda, yadda, chit chat, la la la…” He tunes out after the first 5 minutes of me talking at him…

But it is a major problem for VAs who work alone – who do you share those small successes or niggly grumbles with?  Who else would understand what you are going through?  Another VA of course!  Whilst you might not want to post how annoying ClientX is online at the SVA Forums, you may find a good deal of support in the VASG Skype Chat or by emailing a business buddy…

Leave a note below with your Skype ID if you’d like to be invited to join…

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