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Last year Francesca Greens got in touch asking me to share with her a little bit about the technology I use to run my VA business…  It was a pretty in-depth questionnaire and she spent time researching the whole industry and selecting a variety of types of VA to speak to.

The resulting book is a really interesting stand alone research project, as well as an informative read!

Here at SVA I often get asked “What equipment do I need?” or “what do you use to manage your social media?” – Francesca has just dropped a big shortcut onto my lap, because she’s gone out there and got the answers from VAs who have already done their research and picked a product which works for their business. A lot of the time collaborative working products don’t fit into a VA’s budget, but these are already being used by the VAs Francesca spoke to.

It’s also not a wordy tome where you have to wade through 47 pages to get to any useful material – want to know how to communicate with your virtual team? Just click on the index link and you’ll get 3 different tools to try.

The tools Francesca has mentioned certainly contain a few familiar names, and some slightly quirkier ones which you may not have heard of.  Bit disappointing that not all my faves got mentioned (No Smartsheet for example), but I think I got a mention as “Dropbox – I think every single VA I spoke to (bar one!) loves this and uses it.”  Yes, that would be me hating it…

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One for the non-techies, as well as the gadget lovers amongst us – it’s certainly given me a few new toys to play with!

If you would like your own FREE copy please click here:

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