Marketing Friday: More tips and tricks for Virtual Assistants

Here are five ideas which you can work on today, Marketing Friday, to get more business next week.

  •  Offer a discount when someone refers a new client (make sure you only pay out when the new client pays their bill!)

  • Ask clients for any ways that you can change/make your business practices better, alternatively if you have lost a client, be sure to ask why!
  • Find a target market – contact them by mail, and be sure to follow-up with phone calls and letters. Use to buy in lists of prospects. Top tip: Make sure the lists are small and very targeted, limit them by type of business, location, what data is available to purchase etc.
  • Identify new target markets. Spend 15 minutes thinking of 5 industries that could use a virtual assistant and what services they would want to use.
  • Advise clients of new services. Offer an introductory discount to get them to try it out.


Natasha McCann, Admin Experts Online,

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  1. Danielle says:

    Thanks for sharing some valuable tips. All very doable!

    Just want to share this article on juggling life and work as a virtual assistant.

    Life, Work & Virtual Service –

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