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Sale Now On!

saleWe’re having a sale… Get your SVA Goodies at a very discounted price until end of February.  We even flung in some juicy extras.

There’s a few here even I had forgotten about – time to stock up on your reading!

VA Subcontractors Agreement Template:   This is something we get asked for a lot – a UK specific contract which VAs can use to safely outsource work.  We’ve seen a lot of the other contracts out there, and they would not stand up in a UK Court of Law because they are based on American templates with “golden handcuffs” terms.  Fill in the blanks for your own use.  We’ve also included our own guide to outsourcing safely with our checklist of how to start outsourcing.

VA Client Contract Template:  UK contract law differs from US law in so many ways – and yet we still see people trying to use US-based templates.  Not this one: It’s UK through and through and can be customised to your own Terms and Conditions.   The bonus on this one is that it has the SVA guide to creating T&Cs too.

PR Masterclass Audio Recording  This is a conference call we did a while back specifically about getting PR for VA businesses with Penny Haywood Calder.  She covers how to find media outlets, what you should say and what editors look for.  We’ve thrown in the SVA Inspiration PDF too.

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Newsletters That Work  If you’ve run out of things to say in your newsletter, download this handy guide.  It covers formats and what you might want to say.  SVA Inspiration PDF in this one too.

SVA Guide to Call Answering  We got asked a lot about this in the early days of SVA – not so much now and it is somewhat historic as a document because it covers VOIP as being a new technology.  It is however a good guide for someone who is considering setting up their own call answering team.

SVA Guide to 101 Ways To Market Your VA Business  This is our bestseller – we asked VAs how they market their businesses and we compiled them into a mega list.  There’s actually a few more than 101 marketing ideas here as we added in a bonus social media section.

SVA Guide to Offering Audio Typing As A Service  Again this is one which we got asked about a lot in the early days, but not so much now.  It covers who might use such a service, how to target them as well as equipment to use and normal charging rates.

Time Management/ Start Delegating Now  These two are guides designed for either VAs or their clients to use.  They are nice easy documents to introduce the concept of working with a VA to your clients or to simply use to free up your own time.

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