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Virtual Assistant Blogging Ideas for November

blogspirationEach month we’ll be posting a few ideas about what you can blog about – please feel free to add your own ideas below in the comments (or include a sneaky Googlicious link to your own blog!)

Virtual Assistant blog ideas for November

  • Christmas: It may seem a little while away but now is the time to flag Christmas with your clients – do they send Christmas cards?  A personalised email? Presents for their customers?  Special holiday deals?  Do they need to tell customers about last posting dates or processing of orders before Christmas?  Start thinking snowflakes now!
  • Got a cool gadget? Tell your clients about it!  From USB tape recorders which convert cassette tapes to MP3s, to the latest online workspaces, VAs have tip top knowledge which baffles their clients – share a bit of the magic!
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